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Know classy soy, look especially other and ropy, smell flavour is very sweet, the technology that makes sauce in our country actually also has very old history, and the soy taste that different area makes is different, we often can see, soy has often be smoked and be born smoke, it is to be used respectively stir-fry and mix of dish, so what is the making process of soy?

Soy makes technology

The material handling cent of soy is 3 paces.

① cake dregses of rice add water and moistening with water: The quantity that add water is achieved with moisture of stuff of the music after evaporate is ripe 47, 50% for the standard.

② mix up: Cake dregses of rice after moistening with water, as sufficient as make friends broken wheat and bran mix up is even.

③ evaporate boils: With rotate pressurization of type a pot for steaming food (0.2MPa) evaporate makings, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Make protein measurable and metamorphic, amylaceous evaporate ripe gelatinization, exterminate adherent what go up in raw material is microbial.

Soy makes technology

Make music divide a pace.

① refrigeration is vaccinal: Clinker cools quickly to 45Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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℃ , receiveShanghai noble baby

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Kind of music after aspergillus bacterium plants rice to be fostered via expanding purely 0.3, 0.4% , mix adequately divide evenly.

② thick layer is ventilated make music: The music stuff after have an inoculation sends musicA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Inside chamber music pool. First intermittence is ventilated, hind successive and ventilated. The temperature that make music sprouts in spore level control is in 30, 32 ℃ , hypha grows level control is in highest do not exceed 35 ℃ . Should undertake turning over music and shovel music during this. Spore is worn unripe initial stage, produce enzymatic most exuberant, article lukewarm be in in order to control 30, 32 ℃ are advisable.

Ferment music is added 12, hot brine blends 13 ° Be’ to ferment pool, article lukewarm 42, 45 ℃ maintain 20 days or so, sauce Pei matures basically.

Soy makes technology

The 3 oil that soak drenchs second production stays before oil general heat to 85 ℃ , the sauce that sends maturity again immerses inside Pei, make soy extremely dissolve at among them, next from ferment bottom of pool false bottom unripe soy (hair oil is given off slowly, through salt layer complemental chroma reachs salinity. Drench oil is a soy and sauce broken bits come out through depart. Use for many times commonly immerse, drench according to foreword a hair oil, 2 oil reach 3 oil respectively, ability of circular apply mechanically basically recovers soy part entirely. Aftertreatment

Soy heats to 80, 85 ℃ disinfection destroys, make up again (tick off add) , clear reach quality inspection, get according with the finished product of quality standard.


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