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to pork, the animal sex that beef contains a lot ofis adipose and fewer, so more those who suffer people love. Although a lot of people special be good at cooking beef, but to beef bone, do not know how to start however. The calcium that there also is a lot of among beef bone actually pledges and other nutrition, if be done well, also be very delicate. So, how is beef bone stewed delicious? Method of cooking of 3 beef bone shares everybody.

 How is beef bone stewed delicious

 Soup of bone of big filling ox

 Material: Bovine bone, carrot, Bai Luobo, xianggu mushroom, big jujube, medlar

 Measure: Boiled water is heated in boiler, put bovine bone scald to go hematic water, fish out, big jujube, medlar is put into water to immerse a few minutes, carrot, stripping and slicing of Bai Luobo, Xianggu mushroom. Size is proper can, the water in high-pressured boiler is burned, put all stuff, bovine bone, carrot, xianggu mushroom. Put ginger again, green, chinese prickly ashShanghai night net

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. Add a few white vinegar again, the collagen albumen that conduces to big bone is deliquescent enter Shang Zhong. After conflagration stews boiling 5 minutes, turn medium baking temperature, stew half hours, high-pressured boiler lid is tightened in the lid, press a few minutes but. Those who do not have high-pressured boiler, usable and common boiler, stewed time is some longer.

 How is beef bone stewed delicious

 Sauce ox bone

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Fall in love with the sea
Sp; material: Bovine bone 5 jins, green two, jiang Yi piece, garlic directly, chinese prickly ash, anise 78, chili 2 2, black peppery a few, salt is right amount, white sugar one spoon, beer half bottles, 13 sweet one spoon, gourmet powder right amount

 Measure: Bone is abluent heat slowly with cold water, after water leaves, cast aside go hematic foam, 5 minutes of fish out, after be being washed clean, pour water, change new water to be burned put next, chinese prickly ash, anise, do chili, fry boiler to cheer one big spoon, hot pot cool oil gives stir-fry before stewing of green ginger garlic fragrance, put one spoon white sugar, put bovine bone to break up fry, often smoke into braise in soy sauce, salt, 10Shanghai Long Feng forum

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3 sweet, black peppery tasty, enter a few boiled water, stew 3 minutes, after 3 minutes fry the bovine bone in boiler to put half bottles of beer into stewpan, the word that has arenaceous pot is better, I was to stew ten jins today, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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With but the boiler that use steel was replaced, conflagration ten minutes, make down fire two hours, put gourmet powder finally can.

 How is beef bone stewed delicious

 Soup of bovine bone tomato

 Material: Bovine bone 1, tomato 2-3, caraway 2, saline a few, white peppery a few, ginger two, the head of garlic two valve

 Measure: Chunk of bovine bone chop, come home put in clear water basin, immerse 3 hours, every half hours change clear water, until without hematic water till1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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. Cold water leaves boiler, cooking wine a few, conflagration is boiledShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Cast aside after go float foam, cast aside Shang Cai a few times to be met clear more. With the bowl of special stew small fire stews a hour slow, remember an a few drop vinegar can helping calcium dissolve Shang Li. Put the tomato of stripping and slicing next, continue to bubble half hour. Boiler is put since salt and peppery can.


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