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Wrong cate, get of a lot of person love. The way of the Yunnan bowel that bake is very simple, prepare pig thigh meat and pig small intestine, match according to the taste of family next condiment, it is more delicious and OK to want to taste put a few white spirit appropriately, agitate can be entered equablyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Luggage canister. Should notice in whole process, the air inside wants seasonable eduction to come, break through casing very easily otherwise.

What does the practice of Yunnan banger have?

One, the recipe of Yunnan banger:

Advocate makings recipe: 5000g of pig thigh meat, pig small intestine is right amount

Condiment recipe: 8g of pink of refined salt 140g, caoguo, pepper 8g, cinnamonic1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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50g (of rice of 5g of powdery 5g, pink of lilac pink 2g, Chinese prickly ash, red music is natural coloring agent) , 150g of liquor of 30g of brown sugar end, height

2, the practice of Yunnan banger:

1, fill banger uses pig small intestine, clean small intestine, the grease that should notice a bowel is in-house is blown wash clean.

2, do banger to had better use mouthfeel relatively the pig foreleg flesh of beautiful, if disrelish fertilizer to be able to add bit of clean lean lean, accomplish fertilizer 2 thin 8 can. Cut the flesh into wide 3cm, of thick 1cm big, take 50g height liquor to change brown sugar end pink of pink of along with refined salt, caoguo, Chinese prickly ash, pepper, cinnamonic pink, lilac pink and cutlet mix all, fleshy face Fu lasts one layer film sends freezer static bloat one evening. The flesh is bloating in the process of be soiled from time to time agitate facilitating tasty, the rest of 100g height liquor and red music rice reserve the following day.

3, the following day, will the rest of liquor rice of Hua Kaigong music and cutlet mix are even. Because the family abstains banger to have professional enema facility impossibly, can do an enema syringe with carefe mouth, in addition if preparative cotton thread leaves, the needle that sew the garment, above job prepares to end, can begin to start work fill banger.

What does the practice of Yunnan banger have?

4, be in small intestine headgear carefe mouth, plunge into with cotton thread close, butShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Before inside flesh of a place of strategic importance, flesh of one frontier fortress drives the flesh toward intestines bottom at the same time, want to used artful force lest to bother intestines break. Every other plunges into intestines 339 centimeters with cotton thread close, defeat air of casing eduction intestinal with pinprick.

5, fill banger is quite amused also, best two people cooperate to compare fast, one person is in charge of flesh of a place of strategic importance technically, another person is in charge of plunging into cotton thread to discharge air, have more than is needed of 10 jins of flesh can make the word with deft hands or feet 2 hours knock off. The banger with good fill is hanged in dry in the shade of shady and cool and ventilated place 3 days two, because air temperature is insufficient still now low, I am afraid that banger is broken with last in bags refrigerate into freezer, lie between 3 difference 5 take again breathe freely fully, if be in,measure of severe winter above can omit.

3, the nutrient value of Yunnan banger

Nurturance of battalion of banger of every 100 grams divides: Energy 508 kilocalorie protein 24.1 grams are adipose 40.7 grams carbohydrate 11.2 grams cholesterol element of amine of 82 milligram sulfur 0.48 milligram riboflavin 0.11 milligram

Nicotinic acid milligram of E1.05 of 4.4 milligram vitamin is calcic 14 milligram phosphor 198 milligram Potassium 453 milligram natrium 2309.2 milligram magnesium 52 milligram iron 5.8 milligram zinc 7.61 milligram

Selenium 8.77 microgramme copper 0.31 milligram manganese 0.36 milligram

What does the practice of Yunnan banger have?

Above data reference controls central nutrition and food safety place from Chinese disease precautionSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
What write ” Chinese food component is expressed (2002) ” , above data offers reference only, must not use at other utility.

4, the edible effect of Yunnan banger

1, appetizing banger but stomachic, appetizing disappear is fed.

2, drive is contained in banger of cold warm stomach adipose wait for nurture, winter edible can heat preservation fights blood of easy of cold, warm stomach.

3, material of the nutrition in offerring energy banger is rich, quantity of heat is high, edible a few can satisfy human body to be opposite caloric demand.


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