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Duck flesh is compared originally delicious, the flesh of old duck flesh has more character chew interest, what boil the boiling water that come out flavour is more full-bodied. Duck sex is cool, so menstruation comes the female when tide should avoid body of empty of edible duck flesh, body to cold person also should avoid or join the food with other lukewarm sex to be boiled jointly make. Child and flesh of duck of old person edible can have nourishing splenetic effect. How does need of flesh of so old duck make taste is ability the most delicious? We will look.

 How is old duck flesh done delicious

 Duck of the bittern that bake

Advocate makings: Duck 1000 grams.

Complementary makings: Sweetbell redpepper 10 grams, green pepper 10 grams.

Condiment: Anise 5 grams, cassia bark 5 grams, sweet leaf 2 grams, bai Sha candy 10 grams, unripe take 20 grams, cooking wine 15 grams, salt 3 grams, chinese prickly ash 3 grams.


1, the duck is abluent, cut chunk;

2, the base of a fruit goes after Qing Gongjiao is abluent seed, stripping and slicing is stand-by;

3, right amount clear water pours inside boiler, put duck piece, anise, cassia bark, sweet leaf, white sugar, unripe smoke, cooking wine, salt, small fire turns after conflagration is boiled slowly bittern is ripe, fish out is stand-by;

4, Qing Gongjiao and duck piece mix divide evenly, oven; is put after irrigating attar, salt equably

5, use 150 ℃ barbecue 3 minutes can.

 How is old duck flesh done delicious

Beer duck

Feed capable person: Clean teal 1000 grams, ginger 15 grams, dry chili 5, 4-5 of single crystal rock candy piece, often smoke 5 milliliter, salt (optional) , beer 600 milliliter.


1, the duck is abluent chop is agglomerate (size is optional) , jiang Zheng piece is patted broken. The water in boiler is burned, put duck piece to boil 3 minutes to go hematic water.

2, the drop after water of fish out super-cooling works stand-by.

3, oil falls to heat to in iron bowl 7 into, duck piece breaks up below fry, duck piece is fried ceaselessly in boiler, force the water in flesh giving duck is divided, see duck skin becomes tight, duck piece is relatively contractible, fry duck piece move to arrive in high-pressured boiler, iron bowl need not be washed. 4, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Next Jiang Kuai, dry chili, enter bottles of whole beer, next lid of boiler of the high pressure on the lid, turn big baked wheaten cake.

5, after noise waiting for gas, in turning small baked wheaten cake 20 minutes, involve fire, wait for deflate of high-pressured boiler nature.

6, open high-pressured boiler lid, ripe duck piece move again return iron bowl, often smoke chromatically, put rock candy, salt to flavor. Open the boiler on sufficient conflagration lid to build juice stopping boiling water (like to drink soup not to receive juice) more.

7, finally, onlyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Remnant a few ropy soup juice go.

Small stick person:

Jiangxi person loves to become beer duck with teal, teal eats grass-and-insect painting to be brought up, the duck that the flesh compares feed eating duck character is delicious and strong, burn rise not person of be bored with. Water duck calls hemp duck or careless duck in Jiangxi some place. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Do beer duck to must issue oily boiler to fry first, secrete goes out among them moisture, such ducks won’t have dense fishy smell. I burn a law this kind, 1 bottle of beer are enough.

 How is old duck flesh done delicious

Duck of igneous heel immortal

Duck of igneous heel immortal is dish of name of tradition of Zhejiang Hangzhou characteristic. When cook, jin Hua ham heels and thisA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Ground old duck (hemp mother-in-law duck) park is big inside arenaceous boiler, put condiment again, sealed boiler is built, stew with slow fire burn and become. Former soup of this dish former juice, have higher nutrient value already, delicious and goluptious. Aroma of igneous heel Gongyan, fat duck is fresh and tender fat profit, soup juice milky white is like a grandma, form is delicate bright, inviting appetite.

Feed capable person: Duck fire of 2000 grams, gold China leg 3 grams of 15 grams of 15 grams of 15 grams of 30 grams of 350 grams, shallot, ginger, yellow rice or millet wine, salt, gourmet powder.


1, duck butcher fade clean, the horizontal stroke on back end end opens one penknife mouth, dig go duck foul smell, take splanchnic and abluent.

2, does abluent duck put boiling water boiler to boil haemorrhage with flourishing fire? Sole? Knock leg tip bone, wash with cold water clean.

Heel of 3. , fire uses face of hot water scour off corrupt be bored with, with clear water scrub clean.

4, ginger flay pats a pine.

5, take big earthenware pot 1, the grate that use bamboo pays a copy, duck abdomen gadarene place side by side together with igneous heel, put green knot, Jiang Kuai, add clear water 3500 milliliter, build shell of good earthenware pot, with paper sealed boiler edge, buy burns boil on flourishing fire.

6, move to go up to low baking temperature again stew 2 hours or so, open the envelop lifts a lid.

7, take out green, a surname, fish out fire heels, get rid of goes canister bone, still put bowl inside, turn over the duck, build sealed.

8, continue to use low baking temperature to stew to igneous heel, duck all crisp ripe, open a lid, grate of take out bamboo, cast aside go float foam.

9, fire heel fish out is cut piece, whole1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Enclothe together go up in duck abdomen, join yellow rice or millet wine, refined salt and gourmet powder, build sealed stew 5 minutes or so again.

10, stew to condiment and flesh of former juice infiltration inside, can offer even open the envelop of the desk on boiler feed.

Small stick person:

1, duck should be chosen fresh fat duck, it is beautiful with old male duck, its are nourishing action is stronger than tender duck, folk has ” to burn boil old male duck, effect compares those who join alpine yarrow ” to say.

2, to carry duck exterior plastic beautiful, splanchnic should be in mouth of make sb the first aim of attack to be taken out from back end end, face of duck back skin can arrange long equalize knife, in case duck be heated is contractive, make abdominal skin burst.

3, before the duck is stewed, must have boiled with boiling water, in order to divide blood-red with urine smell. The soup when stewing should be added sufficient (of general raw material and water than be 1:1.5~2) , build sealed, boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake, stew of low baking temperature is stewed crisp sodden, in order to hold former juice raw ingredient.


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