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Nephritis patient avoids to eat longan, still have these food such as red jujube, longan, nephritis patient should be paid attention to eat more contain a lot ofC of vitamin A vitamin these food, and should notice to drink water more, perhaps drink juice of a few vegetables and fruits, can have diuresis detumescence effect.

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Can nephritis patient eat longan to do what?
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, suitable food

1, appropriate chooses the food that contains a lot ofvitamin A, B2 and C.

2, moisture does not need to restrict, but water of juice of drinkable orange juice, watermelon, orange juice, fruit and dish juice, with diuresis detumescence.

3, if companion has hypertension or high lipoprotein hematic disease person, beard limitation is prandial medium saturated fatShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The content of fat acid and cholesterol. To having the case of anaemia, should choose the food that contains a lot ofprotein and iron, be like liver, waistShanghai noble baby

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Child, beef, yoke and greenery vegetable.

Can nephritis patient eat longan to do what?

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1, kidney spherule nephritis cannot eat Chinese chestnut, jujube, sugar cane, longan, longan these food.

2, cannot eat tall salinity food. The significance of salt of the oedema of chronic nephritis and hematic capacity, natrium is great. If nephritis patient eats the salt of excessive, and micturition function is damaged again, regular meeting adds heavy oedema symptom, hematic capacity increases, cause heart failure.

Can nephritis patient eat longan to do what?

3, cannot or eat tall grease food less. Chronic nephritis patient has hypertension and anaemic symptom, tallow fat is adverse element to hypertension and anaemia, because adipose can aggravating arteriosclerosis and curb create hematic function, reason is chronic nephritis patient is unfavorable and overmuch edible.

4, limitation contains purine to be reached high contain the food with fast nitrogen. The food with fast purine will be aggravating nephritic burden, to reduce nephritic burden, should restrict the food of exciting kidney cell, if spinach, celery, radish, legume, bean products, pilchard reachs soup of chicken broth, fish, broth,wait.


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