Inferior score of plain Qi forward forecasts Vs of leg of the harbor on coronal Shanghai historical data is at war analysis

Inferior score of plain Qi forward forecasts Vs of leg of the harbor on coronal Shanghai historical data is at war analysis

Vs of the harbor on Shanghai plain Qi forward:

Game time: 2019-05-07 Tuesday 18:00

Data of recent situation of plain Qi forward:

Recently 10 inferior coronal, plain Qi forward gets the better of 1 only.

These 10 matches, plain Qi forward infiltrates in all 9 balls.

These 10 matches, plain Qi forward is defeated dish 9.

Recently the harbor on Shanghai of 3 engage in a battle, plain Qi forward is obtained 1 smooth 2 negative.

The injury stops a report:

Get hurt ╱ is short of blast: Che Wushen too man (brunt full back) , Nai fine Long Shu (brunt full back)

Come on the stage impeach: The Er that amount to banquet is made of baked clay (full back) , in village Xian Gang (the field in brunt) , of A ministry grand (the field in brunt) , parent Zhao Bo (the field in brunt)

The harm that because He Ren takes semilunar valve,Nai fine dragon establishs needs to accept the treatment of the operation, big appointment absent the time of 4 months.

Xin Xiuzhi reads aloud celebrate condition pretty good, infiltrated in a month in the past 5 balls. In the competition that increases peaceful with dimension of celestial being stage last weekend, know to read aloud celebrate have no come on the stage, doubt is Benchangliuli.


Inferior coronal cup is surpassed in group divide 8 groups in all, knockout of before the group two every promotion, if appear integral and identical criterion with be opposite each other a military successes, clean get the better of ball, goal the decision promotion qualification such as number of goal of field of number, guest.

At present the situation giving a clue of H group is, wei Shan is contemporary foreground is best, obtain a quota of people giving a clue firmly basically, this is meant, forward of the harbor on Shanghai, plain Qi and Sydney FC will contend for another index giving a clue.

Plain Qi forward compares the harbor on Shanghai at present little 1 minute, but leg is advantageous, if this field can beat the harbor on Shanghai, the Sydney FC with not strong desire of 爱上海同城对对碰

battle of conquer of field of end annulus guest decides earnest the line.

Compare with photograph of the harbor on Shanghai, the ability tactics accomplishment of plain Qi forward is taller, 3 lines actual strength is balanced, more abound integral sex, add this team rotate proper, team physical ability and form maintain well.

Data of recent situation of the harbor on Shanghai:

10 inferior coronal, the harbor on Shanghai is defeated 7 times dish.

These 10 inferior coronal, the harbor on Shanghai only 2 battle do not lose a ball.

Recently 10 inferior coronal guest field, the harbor on Shanghai infiltrates in all 12 balls.

3 times forward of Qi of plain of engage in a battle hits the harbor on Shanghai recently fruit of little ball game.

The injury stops a report:

Last weekend as rich as Guangzhou force one battle, lv爱上海龙凤419桑拿

Wenjun exeunts because of the injury, this field will be as absent as Shi Ke the match.

The Li Shenglong performance that r爱上海

eserve Lv Wen Jun comes on the stage is good, battle on infiltrate one ball, believe this field can continue to obtain put sb in a very important position.

As rich as Guangzhou force the 100th match that one battle is the harbor on Shanghai of Hu Erke’s representing.


If want to master a line to counterpoise actively, two rounds of need get the better of the harbor on Shanghai completely finally, some field is about to see other team look deeply. Accordingly, the harbor on Shanghai wants vie every, cannot place hope giving a clue in hill of next wheel pair Zhenwei on contemporary body.

Of course, epicycle colourful hill is contemporary advocate FC of field conquer Sydney will give a clue ahead of schedule, the harbor on Shanghai of battle of end annulus guest or have reservation, with respect to this, this fie上海龙凤论坛sh1f

ld can accept the harbor on theoretic Shanghai draw, as to to the player people the influence with mentally what kind of generation expects very hard.

Go up sports season up to now, the question with the biggest harbor on Shanghai is multi-line when fighting, team rotate inadequacy brings about physical ability adverse. Sports season carries off on in after exceeding champion, the competition pressure of the harbor on Shanghai became little many, but the determination that overcomes difficulty appears also somewhat abate.

From both sides head in light of bout engage in a battle, the harbor on Shanghai controls the ability of the situation to be inferior to adversary, this guest battle is afraid the inferior position that continues to be in occasion to go up.

On the harbor on Shanghai annulus in exceed a battle array:

Approach of 1- colour fine horse; 2- Zhang Wei (89 minutes, bin of 37- Chen Bin (U23) ) , Wei Zhen of be used to of congratulate of 21- Yu Hai, 28- , 13- (U23) , 4- king exceeds; 6- Cai Hui health, 11- Lv Wenjun (23 minutes, 14- Li Shenglong) , 8- Oscar; Ke Sen of 9- dust Er (88 minutes, 19- introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Jing Hang (U23) ) , 10- Hu Erke


Like the harbor on Shanghai, plain Qi forward is final two rounds must get the better of ability to ensure completely a line, because this field match does not have leeway of sue for peace, both sides wants vie. Advantageous to plain Qi forward is, their integral sex is better, same main strength of an army is short of blast below t上海千花社区

he circumstance, the impact that the harbor on Shanghai gets is bigger, and it is good that the rotate of plain Qi forward is done so that want to compare the harbor on Shanghai from beginning to end, physical ability takes actor, and change action capability is stronger. Although engage in a battle of bout of both sides head is medium, 1-0 of the harbor on Shanghai is small get the better of, but on occasion, palm of plain Qi forward accuses weller, just notch efficiency on the low side. This advocate fight, the harbor on the Shanghai that believes all of body and mind is exhausted plays control football hard, can be answered in o上海千花网交友

rder to strike back only, want get victory, can send hope foreign aids to grasp finite aggression opportunity only, the guest gets the better of odds not quite.

Original title: Inferior does the coronal analyse: ? Field of guest of? of Mu Yan of Nao of shrimp I fine Piao gets the better of responsibility of plain Qi forward hard to edit: Li Xiaoling


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