Zhang Shuai: The energy that uses vole spells full use to long to achieve beautiful performance again for home town

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to achieve: of beautiful accomplishment origin again for home town? Bei ferment?2017-06-13 15:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

On June 12, 2017, thirteenth game of team of tennis of the national games pulls open heavy curtain formally in Tianjin tennis center, share 27 women party to take part i上海龙凤论坛

n the match team and 25 males group take part in the match the team participates in a contend of game of team of the national games. In the match 12 days afternoon, tianjin daughter is round 2 than team of 1 conquer Shanghai, obtain make a good beginning. Among them, zhang Shuai of Tianjin famous general with 6:1With 6:0score falls continuously the Xin Chunxi that two dishes of conquer come from Shanghai, for Tianjin female group takes the first minute.

To the national games match of a day, zhang Shuai expresses: “Feel position is good, outcome of the first match is idealer. Very long did not have the competition in Tianjin, advocate fight very excited. When I am small, often fight in door mouth, had obtained a lot of a上海同城对对碰交友社区

chievement to also keep a lot of good memory. Hope this match we can make concerted effort, obtain good result for Tianjin team. Obtain good result for Tianjin team..

Zhang Shuai is hit into in the match of the arm of the law of not long ago 32 strong, obtain individual profession career best achievement. Subsequently, zhang Shuai arrived at Tianjin on June 7, ground of without a stop begins the national games prepare for war. In the match 12 days afternoon, zhang Shuai presses the state victory Xin Chunxi of type with grinding, the condition of refer oneself, zhang Shuai expresses: “Oneself condition does not have any problems at present, I also am the first returns Tianjin to begin to prepare for war team member i上海贵族宝贝

n the team, in today’s match so the first comes on stage, I had done sufficient preparation to meet the challenge of the national games. I had done sufficient preparation to meet the challenge of the national games..

After match of the arm of the law ends, a doubt is like Zhang Shuai change small gain of the coach causes a mighty uproar on the net, to this disturbance Zhang Shuai explains: “The opinion on public affairs on small gain just represents my individual think of a way, without the meaning of deeper administrative levels, because the problem of a few operations passes so,period of time still can have a few to adjust. Because the problem of a few operations passes so,period of time still can have a few to adjust..

Refer the national games is right the meaning of oneself, zhang Shuai stimulates the say that use the land: “Very long did not have the competition in this field, I feel very excited. It is euqally important that to province city team the meaning of the national games resembles the Olympic Games, this also is a kind of responsibility to me. Especially group fight, because before be, we undertake the individual stands mostly, and group fight is to represent a group. Everybody unites hard to go all out in wo爱上海龙凤419桑拿

rk jointly for the victory together, hope everybody can make concerted effort. We once had taken a lot of achievement and honor for Tianjin, hope everybody can continue once brilliant. ” at the same time, zhang Shuai also conveyed the acknowledgment of athlete of tennis of old to Tianjin generation, “Acknowledgment elder people made achievement and land for us, let us have so much resource and requirement, the training field with be had better and more match opportunities. The training field with be had better and more match opportunities..

Those who interview is final, become enamoured ground expresses Zhang Shuai: “Hope we can use exceedingly good achievement redound home town, everybody can be taken out the energy on vole competition ground and spell interest, carrying be cheered jointly on competition ground completely, achieve beautiful performance again. ” (” ferry cloud ” , Zhang Aiying of Liu Xin of forward position journalist’s exercitation reporter)

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