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Yesterday, in WNB爱上海同城手机版

A team of Su Dashan cat tries bright Buddhist nun the contest before the graceful of Shao of player of Chinese female basket of example finished first her season, she hit 12 minutes, get 10 minutes, still grabbed 3 rebounds, the efficiency on field is very pretty good. Lyncean line is last also with 113 than 67 get the better of Atlanta dream team greatly.

Shao Ting has had time of more than 10 days in lyncean team, she is experiencing there everything is fresh thing: What she is experiencing WNBA team to train a method is different, the tactics that learning a new team makes a way. This is a not small challenge Shao Ting to, but she is happy amid. “Because I think,let oneself become better. ” she says. Graceful of Shao of this paragraph of time still has a lot of to differ before life experience, e.g. , she went wading bright the library of Ni Suda university, spent a few hours to read a book quietly, this is her habit; She prepares food in the dwelling place did chaffy dish, r爱上海

ice of peaceful of player of as female as roommate, England basket is big fast a cheek; Still have she and teammate people the be a guest in the home that will to team boss peaceful strap, close together jumped a paragraph ” demon sex ” round dance, bring so that everybody bursts out laughing. “Chinese Shao ” the popularity in lyncean team is very good, her experience leaving ocean is enough also and wonderful with interesting.

Comprise with the roommate ” coadjutant group “

Train to WNBA, play a ball game, to Shao Ting, how is the biggest challenge nothing is more… than inside very short time, the tactics that is familiar with a new team as soon as possible and make a way, and suit with blend in. “Come here hind what I feel the biggest is different also be the place that I need to suit most be team is new make a way, because dozen of method of every team is different. ” when Shao Ting is accepting Beijing youth to sign up for a reporter to jump over ocean solely to interview, say so.

How to let oneself be familiar with these tactics of team as soon as possible? Shao Ting has a few his small key: For instance active ground and bishop drill Xieerli Lvfu is communicated, listen to latter view and proposal. After second training ends, shao Ting found Xie Erli actively, because she thinks understanding drills in the bishop he is what kind of player爱上海同城对对碰

in the eye, need is in what respect goes improvement and rise. Shao Ting’s English still calculates pretty good, such communication basically is to do not have a problem. “Episcopal practice tells me to want to defending above all go up with backboard had done, be familiar with team ability tactics further next. She feels I did not drop out in training, my performance is very more than be close friends in expect. She hopes I can enjoy these processes. ” Shao Ting signs up for a reporter to divulge to boreal blueness say.

Again for instance, compose study with the roommate in the evening ” coadjutant group ” , learn the tactics of team. The place that Shao Ting stays in is an apartment, rice of peaceful of player of female basket of she and England is a roommate. Because the training time of lyncean team basically is the rhythm of a day of one practice, began at 10 o’clock from in the morning much at 1 o’clock afternoon, arrive from afternoon consequently in the evening this paragraph of time, two people decision is used well rise, strengthen vocational stud阿拉爱上海同城

y. Peaceful rice comes the time of lyncean team grows a little than Shao Ting a bit, but also do not calculate old team member, so new personality of these two team the tactics to team is to be in the process of study. They in the evening when can be together, take out the tactical manual of team, next the actual content that recombine trained that day, mutual communication, deepen understanding, master these tactics in order to accomplish as soon as possible.

Still have lyncean team old team member the help to Shao Ting. There is a name in lyncean team, for instance rub the player such as Er, Fuersi, they are the brunt of lyncean team, once also had hit a ball in WCBA, come in the team when Shao Ting so hind, they to ” Chinese Shao ” more kind, also provided very great help. It is not merely actually rub Er, Fuersi, other old team member care very much to Shao Ting with take care of, “The language when the coach is decorating tactics fast very fast, I am met sometimes in training err, they can be done personally for me set an example on field, perhaps be in furtive in tell me how to should run etc. ” Shao Ting says.

The life leaving ocean of rich and colorful

This paragraph takes foreign time, shao Ting also plans the life besides training full to the brim, e.g. , once she runs to bright Buddhist nun the book that college library Li Anan of Su Da read a few hours silently. “I am willing to go to the library particularly, arrived especially after a new nation, city, I think the library that goes to place reads a book particularly, arrived over there in the heart special calm. ” Shao Ting signs up for a reporter to say to boreal blueness. The growing contrail of Shao Ting and player of very much China is different, she is the player that university campus takes, she present record of formal schooling also is a doctor, read to make a habit already consequently.

Resembling again is Shao Ting can invite 3 on two good friends in the dwelling place, still have roommate peaceful rice, do reeky chaffy dish. Let oneself on one hand ” longing ” the stomach of Chinese meal can be satisfied, also let peaceful rice can experience pure food of China on the other hand. Of course sometimes the supermarket that Shao Ting also can go to place buys bit of dumpling, noodle to wait, after coming back, oneself are being boiled eat.

The new show that the most wonderful of course nothing is more… than includes Shao Ting inside people, meet those who obtain team boss peaceful strap to invite, go having a meal in his home, and lyncean team has tradition of a team is, new show people should perform a program. Now Nian Shaoting was taking a few new show to perform a paragraph of dance. “It is to want to sing originally, but the time as a result 上海千花网龙凤论坛

of preparation is a bit short, danced with respect to the decision finally consequently. What we choose is the dancing of a paragraph of special on Chinese network fire, next I am heading teammate practice. This paragraph of dancing is in Beijing before me al上海同城对对碰交友社区

so had drilled with roommates when female basket. ” Shao Ting signs up for a reporter to say to boreal blueness. Your spot atmosphere achieved this paragraph of dancing that Shao Ting and a few Xin Xiuge jump at a draught climax, the effect is first-rate.

“Chinese Shao ” good person predestined relationship

Although Shao Ting will to the time of lyncean team not to calculate too long, but she is in the popularity in the team is very good. Shao Ting is a very intentional girl, before going to the United States, she bought the thing of characteristic of a lot of rich China, for instance the decoration of panda design, small key is buckled, tea, sent little gift to every teammate in the Shao Ting after coming to team. “Because be in the China that WNBA plays a ball game,the player is not very much, so I want to have more interactive, knowledge with them. ” Shao Ting signs up for a reporter to say to boreal blueness.

Resembling again is Shao Ting special checked teammate people birthday is wh what month a few, once teammate spends birthday, shao Ting can send a blessing and card. A few days ago when teammate cheats birthday on the west, shao Ting sent card and blessing, on card Shao Ting is written ” hope you every day happy, have the word of the opportunity, come to China play play ” . Have such teammate, who does not like? Teammate rub Er says: “She is very attentive, I very the process that enjoys her to support team in this, she brings a lot of joy, very affable. Very appreciate our team to be able to have such player. Very appreciate our team to be able to have such player..

The Shao Ting of good person predestined relationship is very same enjoy this the experience of team of Duan Zaishan cat. “I enjoy enjoyment day really. I have strong curiosity to every thing, I hope to understand can morely. I also cherish each days when be here. ” Shao Ting signs up for a reporter to say to boreal blueness.

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