” demon animal ” the film at 0 o’clock open to booking hot booking office to already was close to 5 million yuan

” demon animal world ” big motion picture is about to want with broad filmgoer people met, most propbably everybody very expect! Current, this entrance ticket already open is opened to booking, from the point of the website that open to booking, this too welcome, had been grabbed basically smooth.

Today, according to the statistic on cat eye website, up to dispatch before June 8 at 0 o’clock of field open to booking booking office already 4.836 million yuan, booking office is occupied than be as high as 98.3% , the hot degree of the film sees one spot.

Each alliance and tribal player clutch go the website buying a ticket of own city snatchs a bill, of course, those call what Demaxiya makes trouble greatly or wash wash sleep, according to current hot rate, did not allow to be able to be endured really at the door the cinema at the appointed time beat


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