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How does muscle arise after all, need not say everybody can know naturally more, chicken is a course for certain a series of take exerciseShanghai dragon1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Ability can appear after. Besides, likelihood at ordinary times in the center a few motion also can let the body appear a few muscleA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, for instance often the muscle of word leg ministry of ran develops quite etc. But major person is through taking exercise in gym ability can make the muscle of the body more plump in the life, so, drill the muscle that come out can disappear?

Drill the muscle that come out can disappear?

Fitness is a term that removes newly in last few years, these a few years, gym had spread all over each city. Of the gymnastical consciousness that this shows people flyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Fast progress. Fitness is for a healthy body not only, still be for a good figure.

Not only the male, many females also begin to be fond of practice to go out taking proper sarcous body. Muscle is force not only is indicative, return the mood of indicative healthy life.

Everybody knows to drill the muscle with a satisfactory a suit is how difficult, need pays huge1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Hard. But, after a lot of people think practice gives appropriate muscle OK go to bed, need not take exercise again.

Drill the muscle that come out can disappear?

Actually this is wrong way, muscle needs to be stimulated ceaselessly and consolidate, if you quited period of time take exercise, so very dangerous, be about to feel oneself muscle well, looked to disappear. Above all you should understand sarcous to form a principle. When human body is moving, the muscle cell of the body can be torn off, cicatrization in repair when muscle cell when, can become compared with previously more strong.

This is so called long muscle — actually muscle cell can not grow or lack, the amount of muscle cell is fixed, growing what muscle grows is the size of muscle cell actually. Muscle cell is not invariable, after change is met, still can change the 2nd times again. After suspending campaign for some time when you, muscle cell is met slowly decrescent, your hardship drills the muscle that come out can disappear finally.

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Because of the person different, the muscle pattern of everybody is different, everybody drills a sarcous time is different also, the time that so restorable place needs the body is likewise different.

A few months after major person is suspending campaign can see marked change produces on the body, a muscle is apparently medium the person that wait for the fitness of the figure, want to begin to quit athletic fitness half an year only, can produce tremendous change, muscle remains shallow outline only, and bear fruit no longer.


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